Sunday, June 5, 2011

picking nits

Here's a very interesting take on the e-book revolution, from Wired Magazine. Though I don't necessarily agree with every point, I don't disagree, either. I see it as very tongue-in-cheek. Which is somewhat ironic, considering I have yet to truly benefit from this revolution. My first e-book has been VERY slow moving and, so far as I can tell, little or no marketing has been done to "get it out there." Not a reflection on the publisher at all, but more a reflection on the fact that being an "unknown" is problematic no matter what format one is published in. It's not that digital isn't working for me, so much as it hasn't started working yet. Even so, I'm busy working on the next one, in the hopes that it will be better received. Nothing different between print and digital there...

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