Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the play's the thing

Received some great news yesterday evening. Seems my latest stage play is going to be produced by my friend Scotty in Phoenix. I had hoped that this would be true, considering I wrote the main character with him in mind. He's already slated it for August of this year, which means I'll be planning a trip to Phoenix around that time. He's also interested in taking this play and a few other one-acts I wrote a while back on the road with his troupe. Los Angeles and San Francisco are stops under consideration, with some very interesting guest stars in talks to make appearances. The exuberance is palpable.

This is what comes from writing plays for drag queens.

I'm not complaining.

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  1. Dave! Long time no talk. This is Jody from over at doorQ.com. Tried hitting you up under your old email address, but it no longer works. lol.

    I'm putting together an anthology of writing from doorQ.com, and I wanted to talk to you about "Pest Control." Please shoot me an email when you have a chance: jody@doorq.com. Hope all is well!